“Feeling good” mask!

Younger and fresh! Perfect for a hot summer day like this! This is probably my favourite mask, or at least one of my favourites!

Anti-aging and moisturizing today’s face mask.

An excellent combination, made once more with what I had in my fridge! Slightly oily and cooling the same time, that felt so amazing on my skin.

3 cherry plums (anti-aging, detoxifying)
1 apricot (antioxidant)
½ small cucumber (tonic, cleansing)
1-2 tbsp olive oil (nourishing, moisturizing)

Wash the cherry plums and the apricot, and peel the cucumber. [If you want, you can use it with the peel, so wash it too] Cut them all in pieces into to the food processor, add the olive oil and spin.

This is a mask with great texture, easy to apply. Most of all, it is a mask you can apply it as often as you like, it is very nourishing for your skin, especially for normal and dry skins;  I think though that it would be quite good for all skins because it is not so much oily and doesn’t contain any citrus acids. Refreshing!

More masks?

face masks with natural ingredients

Even more?
80 Recipes For Beauty Face Masks: A Complete Guide to Create Your Own Combinations


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