Breathe and Stay Awake

In the ancient Greek mythology, Hypnos the God of sleep is represented as a handsome young man with small wings on his shoulders. He is good to mortal people and he spends his time healing their body and mind while he wanders silently above lands and seas. He lulls the tired humans by sprinkling them with the dew of forgetfulness. Some other times he appears to pour hypnotic juices from within a horn or just moving slightly his wings.

blow your noseRemember: always try to breathe through your nostrils, and not through your mouth, because air must contact olfactory nerves to stimulate your brain and put it into its natural rhythm. If you don’t breathe through your nose, in a sense you’re only half alive.
[Dr Fulford’s Touch of Life by Robert C. Fulford, D.O]

Nasal breathing regulates your body temperature which plays a significant role for sleep and wakefulness. It facilitates the oxygen release and supply, while it helps you being more energetic, balanced and concentrated.
First, if you are a mouth breather you have to train yourself breathing through your nose.
Then, you have to keep your nose clean.
Always clean your nose every morning and night:

1. Blow your nose with a tissue. This can easily become a necessity as brushing your teeth.
2. Use a saline solution to rinse your nostrils. You can do it even by inhaling the solution through your nose or by using a netti pot.
Make nose cleaning a daily routine and improve your breathing and mental state.

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