Red ..Cool Watermelon

read about watermelonWatermelon: one of the “hotest” summer fruits! Sweet and refreshing, it contains about 92% water and only 5% sugar.

Watermelon is rich in vitamins A, thiamin, B6, C, beta-carotene, biotin, lycopene, potassium and fibre. Plus, it is a wonderful source of antioxidants and it helps us to protect against various types of cancer. B6 vitamine helps to fight anxiety and phobias.

Eat a plate of watermelon before meals, with an empty stomach, and help your body to expel toxins. It also helps the bowel function and constipation and thus it protects from cancer and other bowel disorders.

Watermelon is famous all around the world and for thousants of years. It was was cultivated in Egypt 5000 years ago. Over 1200 varieties of watermelon are grown around the world while the leading producer is China. There are watermelon varieties with yellow, orange and white flesh. In the Arab world people eat the watermelon seeds roasted as a tasty snack that goes great with coffe or tea. Seeds are perfectly safe to be consumed. Also, in many countries of the world, people are accompanying watermelon with other flavors such as cheese or prosciutto.

Offering watermelon as a gift comes was a tradition from antiquity which symbolized love and friendship.

Three servings of watermelon a day make the skin shine! In ancient times, the peels were used as a cosmetic mask.

Eat it fresh!

Drink it as a juice!

Make dessert: watermelon pie! (see recipe)

Treat your skin with face masks! (recipes coming soon)






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