Dried figs – Part 3

Dried figs process calendar:

(see Day 1 and Day 2)

3nd Day

drying-figs-process1. At the third day, I noticed that I probably had to clean the pan and remove the sticky juice. As you see in the picture, the sticky print on the pan was ther everytime I flipped them over.


drying-figs-process2. So, I putted them on a plate for a while, I washed the pan and placed them back in again as before.

The process seems to progress very well, because the figs have already dried enough, have srunken and are much less sticky. They look good, don’t they?

drying-figs-processYou see how much smaller they are now compared to the 1st day? Everything goes fine!




drying-figs-process3. So, I covered my dear ones again and set them back on the roof until the sunset.




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