Green Cracked Olives recipe

green cracked olives recipeHow to prepare some nice and tasty cracked green olives.

The olives must be green, but not too immature; they have to be collected in October.

Green olives
Coarse salt
Citric acid powder
1 large bowl or bucket
1 large jug
1 egg
1 plastic bucket and ceramic container or glass jars
1 flat piece of marble
1 big stone or marble
green cracked olivesDirections:
Pick over the olives, because you want to crack the good ones. Put the olives, one by one, on the marble surface and hit them with the stone or the other marble.

how to crack an oliveThe hitting should not be to strong to mash or break them into pieces; it must be as strong as it takes to cause just a crack. After one or two hits, you’ll learn to control your power.
Put the cracked olives in a large bowl, fill with water, add a few slices of lemon. Cover with a tray or a towel.
cracked olives preparationLet them in the water for almost 10 days, and change the water at least once a day. Don’t forget to change it because they’ll be ruined.
When the 10 days pass, taste one olive to see if it’s still bitter or not. If the taste is good for you, it’s time to go further.
cracked olives in brineRemove the water, and put them in the bucket or ceramic container.
In the jug, add water enough to cover the olives. Add salt, spoon by spoon, and stir to dissolve; you can stir with your hand.

brine for cracked olivesThe egg will help you to se if the salted water is ready, so, test after each spoon of salt.

If the egg goes down, it needs more salt.


salted water for olivesWhen the egg floats as you see in the picture, the brine is ready.
Add lemon juice (2 tbsp/lt) and 1/2 tsp of citric acid.

Stir and pour over the olives. Add a few lemon slices, cover and let them there for 3-4 days.
The fourth day, prepare some new brine as before.
recipe of cracked olivesPut the olives into a ceramic container or in smaller glass jars, cover the olives with the brine and a layer of olive oil on top. Close the jars well.

When you open a jar, better keep it in the fridge afterwards.
prepare and serve cracked olives

Serve them in your salads, or in a side dish garnished with some extra olive oil.!


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