Recipes for healthy snack bars: Oats, nuts and dried fruits

Healthy snack treats are the best, especially for kids!

Oat is a cereal with high nutritional value.  So, let’s make a homemade oats and nuts snack, rich in nutrients and sweet taste!

Except oats we will add nuts, dried fruits, honey or molasses and, why not, …chocolate!

We will need:
3 cups rolled oats
A handful of almonds (peeled)
A handful of nuts (peeled)
1/2 cup blonde raisins
1/2 cup black raisins
1/2 cup cranberries
1 cup sunflower seeds (peeled)
1 cup honey or molasses
1/2 cup warm water
One couverture chocolate (optional)

Break almonds and walnuts into small pieces. Put the oats in a large bowl and add the almonds, the nuts, the raisins, the cranberries, the sunflower seeds and mix well with your hands.
Dissolve the honey in the hot water.

Spread the mixture into a baking pan, where you have previously placed a greaseproof paper.
Then, pour the diluted honey / molasses, and make sure that it goes everywhere. Tamp with a spatula.

Put the pan in the oven at 160 ºC (320 ºF) for about 15 minutes.
Next, cut it into pieces, like bars or just break it irregularly. Whatever you do, it will taste good!
If you want to make it even sweeter, or more “festive”, melt the couverture chocolate in a double boiler method, ie cut the chocolate into pieces, put in a pan or bowl and place it over another pot, where water is boiling.

Pour the melted chocolate on the baked mixture, and then cut it.


Cut/break it, place the pieces on a plate and drizzle with chocolate.

Garnish with extra cranberries.

A healthy snack idea, sugar free, highly nutritious and fulfilling!

Ideal snack for kids!


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