Homemade mustard

handmade mustardMustard is made of mustard seeds, these tiny and highly beneficial seeds which can be found at spices or organic products stores.

Apart from the mustard seeds, we will also use olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, turmeric, water, salt and pepper.

The final result of our homemade mustard’s flavor and texture is certainly not exactly like those we buy from the store. However, we can further shape the taste, by adding more or less of some ingredients or even 1-2 (max) drops of an essential oil such as thyme.
Successful flavors in cooking is always a result of continuous testing, while sometimes we might have also some failures. For example, the first time I made homemade mustard I added some dried thyme. The result was quite bitter for my taste. However, I kept this bitter mustard and used it nicely in vinaigrette sauces for my salads!


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