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Natural cosmetic and skin treatment recipes

8 Greek Yogurt Face Mask recipes! – All natural Beauty – Homemade facemasks

This Greek yogurt face mask moisturizes, cleans deeply, detoxifies, refreshes and restores skin PH balance. It is also a very good homemade face mask for acne (In cases of 3rd and 4rth acne grade, consult your dermatologist) Continue reading 8 Greek Yogurt Face Mask recipes! – All natural Beauty – Homemade facemasks


Hot Summer masks!

natural face mask recipe Today I prepared two mask recipes, so I also stored many “mask cubes” in the freezer.

They are both wonderful summer masks, and exactly what we need mostly in the summer: a moisturizing and anti-aging touch!

1st mask : Cherry Beauty!


7-8 cherries (anti-aging)

1/2 smal cucumber (moisturizing)

1-2 tbsp olive oil (moisturizing) Continue reading Hot Summer masks!

Ice ..mask.. cubes

So, do you have any natural mask leftovers? If you prepare a natural mask recipe and you can’t use all of it at one time, don’t throw it away.

natural fruit mask ice cubesThere are several opinions about the freezing impact on fruits and vegetables, whether they lose their vitamins and nutrients or not. However, I do freeze my mask leftovers; sometimes I make more of it in order to freeze it and have it handy on a busy day.

I put it in ice cube trays, and whenever I want, I just unfreeze the mask that suits me each time. This can be very handy even on a busy day or during seasons that there aren’t so many fruits available.

These cubes are so cute, colorful, and you can make them in nice shapes too. Invite your friends and offer them a pretty fruity mask on a .. little plate or bowl!

This is really …cool! Perfect for a hot summer day!

More Tips and Useful Stuff? tips and useful information

“Feeling good” mask!

Younger and fresh! Perfect for a hot summer day like this! This is probably my favourite mask, or at least one of my favourites!

Anti-aging and moisturizing today’s face mask.

An excellent combination, made once more with what I had in my fridge! Slightly oily and cooling the same time, that felt so amazing on my skin. Continue reading “Feeling good” mask!

After sun mask

Pomegranate protects your skin from premature aging caused by sun exposure which gradually causes wrinkles and fine lines.

face mask with pomegranateThe compounds it contains protect from harmful sun rays. Moreover it cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin. Also helps the cell and tissue regeneration. Pomegranate gives you a youthful skin! Continue reading After sun mask