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Black olives (Kalamon) in brine

Here is how to prepare and store black olives, Kalamon type, in brine. Watch the whole procedure in the following video:


Homemade mustard

handmade mustardMustard is made of mustard seeds, these tiny and highly beneficial seeds which can be found at spices or organic products stores.

Apart from the mustard seeds, we will also use olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, turmeric, water, salt and pepper. Continue reading Homemade mustard

Almond milk with dried figs

almond milk with fig flavorHow to make almond milk with dried figs flavor.
Almond milk is a very nutritious and tasty plant based milk, highly rich in calcium.

However you can add flavors you like, such as dried figs, and enrich it with more beneficial properties. Continue reading Almond milk with dried figs

Sun dried cherry tomatoes!

sun drying tomatoesOne more excellent ingredient for salads, but also for sauces, pizzas and more: Sun dried little cherry tomatoes!
I sun dried them enough to be crispy, while the addition of spices was actually a great idea!
Sun drying little tomatoes is quite easy, it takes only 2-3 days Continue reading Sun dried cherry tomatoes!

Pickled Green Cherry Tomatoes!

I mostly use pickles as an ingredient in my salads, so I try some new flavor every now and then.
I collected all the little tomatoes of my cherry tomato plants because of a “stink bugs attack”, and I had to do something with the green ones. So, I pickled them!
Here is how:

Note: You may want to let them less than a minute in the boiling mixture, if you don’t like them to be so soft. 20-30 seconds is ok.

Pickled Cabbage and Cauliflower recipe

Pickling is a fine way to preserve vegetables for later, when they are out of season.

Now is the season of cabbage and cauliflower, so we will try a new pickling recipe. Here, I have used a bit different ingredients than those in the pickled eggplants

Cabbage and Cauliflower
2 Carrots (optional) Continue reading Pickled Cabbage and Cauliflower recipe