Natural Toothpaste recipe!

How to make a natural, homemade toothpaste for white teeth and healthy gums?

Watch the recipe for this amazing toothpaste:

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Herbal remedy for cough: Cough syrup recipe

Natural flu remedies

Homemade cough syrup with thyme at home.
The recipe is from the book “Thyme and Oregano, healing and cooking herbs”
“Thyme is a preventive antibiotic for flu epidemics. Hippocrates, in his writtings on diet, says that the thyme is heating, diuretic and expels phlegm. Thyme heals bronchitis and strengthens the immune system against the flu or colds.”

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Herbal oils – the sun method

There are more than one ways to make a herb oil extract. These preparations are actually herb infusions in oil.

The oil must be some kind of plant oil; I use olive oil or almond oil. The second one, -almond oil-, has a lighter texture, so sometimes it is better for skin applications.

sterilizing jars  You need:

  • 1 small jar
  • Dried flowers/leaves of the herb
  • 3oz  organic plant oil

Pick a small, dark glass jar or bottle. Clean well and sterilize. Continue reading Herbal oils – the sun method