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Almond milk with dried figs

almond milk with fig flavorHow to make almond milk with dried figs flavor.
Almond milk is a very nutritious and tasty plant based milk, highly rich in calcium.

However you can add flavors you like, such as dried figs, and enrich it with more beneficial properties. Continue reading Almond milk with dried figs


Healthy and easy to make dessert!

Healthy raw food dessert
An easy to make raw vegan dessert, full of nutrients

Here is an easy recipe for a quite healthy sweet snack: Sweet Bites made of almonds and dried figs, coated with cinnamon, cocoa, and coconut! It is vegan, actually raw, since there is no baking involved. Continue reading Healthy and easy to make dessert!

Dried figs – Part 4

Dried figs process calendar:

(see Day 1 and Day 2 and Day 3)

The last 4 Days :

It took me 7 days to complete the process; the seven days of dried figs creation, are now over! So, I can rest for a while 🙂

how to make dried figshow to make dried figsDay 4: This was just another day of uncovering, flipping over and covering again. They keep drying, but not ready yet. Continue reading Dried figs – Part 4

Dried figs – Part 2

Dried figs process calendar:

(see part1 here)

At the first day, I flipped them twice because they were very juicy and sticky. Before the night falls, I took the pan inside the house, because the night humidity is not good for them.

2nd Day


1. I took the pan of the roof and uncovered it. The figs were a little  shrunken, but still sticky. Continue reading Dried figs – Part 2

Dried figs – Part 1

Dried figs process calendar:

This is the second time I ‘m making sun dried figs, and I will post the process step by step, whatever the result may be. There are many instructions in the web and also in books, but the only way to achieve the best is to try again and again until I discover all the details that make the difference.

So, I need:

  • Figs
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • A Pot
  • A slotted spoon
  • A tray
  • Absorbing paper towel
  • A large baking pan
  • A large tulle cloth
  • Clothespins

how to make sun dried figs1. I pick all the ripe figs I have in the fridge. They are of several kinds as you see. Continue reading Dried figs – Part 1